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Software Developers / IFEC Finnair

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Are you ready to jump onboard for the world of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity?

Our team consist of developers, designers, QA, Scrum Master and PO. Our team is part of Digital Solutions Development and our responsibility in IFEC development includes e.g.
  • Seatback IFE : entertainment (movies, series, music), flight cameras and route map
  • Nordic Sky portal : web application which can be used with passenger´s own device. It works also without internet connection and offers e.g. destination information, pre-order shopping and digital newspapers
  • Internet Connectivity is achieved by using platforms from Viasat and Panasonic

How do we make the magic happen?

We use various Agile methodologies and aim to release as often as possible. We consider ourselves to have lot of freedom in organizing our own work and we constantly improve our ways of working. Our team spirit is good with lots of open discussions.

Regarding the technical stack we use JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Node.js, AWS/Heroku, Docker, Qt/QML. Knowledge of Linux, shell scripting and network protocols (TCP/IP mostly) is highly considered as an advantage.

Environment is bit complex and unique due to the fact, that we are developing software for aircraft.

Our expectations towards you:

We expect you to have ability to work in a team that is fully responsible for creating well-designed, lovable solutions for our customers. You understand the entire stack even though your strengths can be either in frontend or backend. In addition to this, we value if you have a proven track record of working with a high-quality product.

In this role you get the possibility to affect the travel experience of all our flying customers. Therefore, genuine interest for aviation industry and aircraft is a big plus.

Most of all we wish you to be an openminded, willing to learn and committed to develop our products and Finnair on the way of being a forerunner in the disruption of travel and aviation!

Want to join? Fill in an application form and we will get back to. For more information, please contact Finnair Recruitment (jobs@finnair.com)

Työnantaja Finnair
Osoite 01530 Vantaa
Ilmoitus jätetty 09.02.2019
Viimeinen hakupäivä 24.02.2019
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