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Fysiikan ja kemian lehtori, Vantaan kansainvälinen koulu International School of Vantaa / co Vantaan kaupunki

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Työavain 3-810-17

Vakinainen virka alkaen 07.08.2018

Hakuaika päättyy 31.01.2018 kello 16:00

International School of Vantaa , Hagelstamintie 1 01520 Vantaa

Sivistystoimi, Suomenkielinen perusopetus


Tehtävän kuvaus: Physics and chemistry teacher

The International School of Vantaa is a multicultural comprehensive school with around 480 students. The school provides English-language instruction for grades 1 - 9. The students' home language is English or they have acquired a good English proficiency by other means. The students are admitted to the school on the basis of a language test. The teachers employed at our school come from various nationalities. Our curricula are based on the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education. Our goal is to raise well-behaving students with versatile general knowledge who can function in English in a global environment.

Our school is situated in the Aviapolis area, on the premises of the Point - Pakkala Learning and Information Centre, in Kartanonkoski. The school shares the building with a city library and English-language day-care center. Aviapolis is the fastest growing business and residential area in the metropolitan area as well as an expanding center of international trade.

The International School of Vantaa is looking for a teacher of physics and chemistry whose mother tongue is English or who has successfully passed the top level of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency test in the English language. The qualification requirements are higher university degree and subject-teacher qualification in the subjects in question (decree 986/1998). If the degree has been taken outside Finland, the applicant shall present an equivalent qualification approved by the Finnish National Board of Education.

We are looking for a teacher with good cooperation and communication skills and interest in further developing our school. We appreciate earlier teaching experience in a multicultural school and enthusiasm for tackling new challenges. We offer you a global work community as well as interesting teaching and education tasks in a modern learning environment.

There will be a six month trial period.

In addition, before being hired the applicant will be expected to obtain a certificate of good health from an authorized health specialist.

The City of Vantaa is smoke-free. The work places and their immediate surroundings are smoke-free zones.

We prefer to have all applications sent in through our application system (www.tyonhaku.vantaa.fi).

Kelpoisuusehto: Prerequistes for gualification:
Teachers qualifications are defined according to Teaching Qualifications Act (statute number 986/1998). Only those who are formally qualified will be considered for the position. Any diplomas indicating qualification will be looked over in the case of an interview.

For those working with children (under 18 years of age) there must be proof of no criminal record prior to acceptance for the post.

Lisäksi edellytämme: Työn menestyksekäs hoitaminen edellyttää hyvää suomen kielen taitoa.

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Sanna Manner, principal

+358 50 312 4531


Työnantaja International School of Vantaa / co Vantaan kaupunki
Osoite International School of Vantaa , Hagelstamintie 1 01520 Vantaa
Ilmoitus jätetty 28.12.2017
Viimeinen hakupäivä 31.01.2018
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